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Program Start Date

Domestic Students

International Students

January 2025

August 15, 2024

August 15, 2024

May 2025

October 31 , 2024

October 31, 2024

September 2025

March 1, 2025

March 1, 2025

A UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies on-line application must be completed and all supporting application materials must be uploaded prior to the deadline dates shown above in order to be considered for admission into the program. 

Supporting documents required for a complete application include:

  • Confirmation of acceptance from a IOP Research Supervisor (see: No applicant will be admitted into the program without a commitment from a Research Supervisor. The supervisor should contact the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program Coordinator, by e-mail ( ) in order to confirm his/her commitment to the applicant, as well as confirming his/her commitment to providing the student a stipend. This should be done before you apply on-line, otherwise you will be wasting your money, as you will not be accepted into the program without securing a supervisor first. 

  • Official transcripts from each post secondary institution you have attended, uploaded to Transcripts in languages other than English or French must come with official translations. 

  • Three letters of reference. These are uploaded directly to the site by the referee. If they have difficulty doing this, then they should send a letter directly to the IOP program coordinator by postal mail. 

  • English language proficiency test scores – if your first language is not English , then you must upload your test scores (not more than two years old) and have the agency send the official test scores to the University of British Columbia (University code: 0965, dept code: 99)

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