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International applicant requirements 

Visa Requirements for International Applicants 

Persons who are not Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants require a Study Permit (Student Authorization, Visa) in order to enter Canada to study. This is obtained from a Canadian Consular or Immigration Office. Please check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site to find out exactly what you need to enter Canada to study. Once you have received an official UBC letter of acceptance from the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, apply to the nearest Canadian Immigration Processing Centre or Embassy/High Commission/Consulate as soon as possible as it may take eight to twelve weeks for processing a Study Permit request; for students from the People's Republic of China it may take three to six months. Most Canadian Consulates publish their processing timelines on their web sites. To apply for your Student Permit you will require:

  • UBC letter of acceptance

  • A valid passport

  • Evidence of adequate funds to support yourself and any dependents that may accompany you to Canada

  • A completed Application for a Student Authorization form

  • Other documentation as outlined in the Application for a Student Authorization form. You may obtain this form from a Canadian Visa Office

If your application for a Study Permit is approved, your UBC letter of acceptance will be returned to you. You should retain it for presentation to the Immigration Officer at the Canadian point of entry. For additional information on Student Authorization application forms, procedures, fees, etc. please refer to the Canada Immigration home page or contact your nearest Canadian Immigration Processing Centre or Embassy-High Commission-Consulate. 

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Requirements for International Applicants: 

Students whose degrees are from Australia, Botswana, Canada, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, or the English speaking countries of the West Indies do not need to take the TOEFL test. All other applicants must take the test. TOEFL scores must be sent directly to UBC from the Educational Testing Centre (photocopies are not acceptable). When taking the TOEFL test, give the UBC institution code as 0965, and state the reason for taking the test as "to enter a college or university as a graduate student". The Interdisciplinary Oncology Program TOEFL minimum component requirements are: Reading 22; Listening 22; Writing 24; Speaking 22; Overall; 100. Please note that in order for the score to be valid the test must have been taken within the last two years. 

If the TOEFL exam is not available, IELTS or MELAB scores may be accepted. The minimum IELTS score should be 7.0. The minimum MELAB score should be at least 84. 

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Requirements for International Students 

GRE is only necessary if a clear assessment of your foreign university transcripts is not possible. Please contact the graduate secretary if you are concerned about the assessment of your transcripts.

UBC’s online information about applying for a SIN (

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