Alumni Network

Welcome to our alumni network directory! As you all complete your graduate degrees, we know it can be difficult to choose what to do next. To help with this, we have reached out to former IOP students to see what they ended up pursuing post-graduation from IOP. These alumni have kindly provided their email or linked in profile to allow current students like yourselves to reach out when determining what comes after IOP. If there is a field of work you are interested in and want to find out more from someone who is currently in it, this is a great place to look! As a reminder, please be respectful when reaching out - our alumni are ....

We have organized alumni into broad categories. You can look at their linkedin pages (hyperlinked) for more specifics about their current career. While we will try our best to keep this page updated, keep in mind that we may not be able to have the most up to date information at all times, so it is best to contact the alumni directly to find out.

Academic Research

Research Scientist

Morteza Bashash

Jamie (Simin) Yu

Arla Yost

Victor Martinez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Gemma Dias

Iris Luk (Sze Ue Luk)

Gregory Stewart

Yi-Jye Chern

Mannan Nouri

Jun Hao

Zhenguo Wu

Laura Mathae

Milena Čolović

James Jabalee

Giselle Tian

Research Assistant

Ivica Bratanovic


Medical Doctor/Student

Michael Beach

Svetlana Bortnik

Julia Dunn

Pier-Luc Clermont

James Lawson

Adam Sage

CT Technologist/Research Assistant

Tracey-Ann Dattadeen


Research Scientist

Larissa Pikor

Joseph Lau

Catherine Steer

Davide Tortora

Kent Chen

Damoun Torabi

Product Management

Amanda Fentiman

Sneha Balani



Sofya Langman

Courtney van Ballegooie

Medical Science Liason

Aimee Bamford (née Laporte)

Project Management/Clinical Trials

Arla Yost

Brenda Minatel

Cassia Warren

Valeria Rytova

Science Writer

Erin Marshall