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The Interdisciplinary Oncology Program is designed to appeal to a broad range of students with varied backgrounds and interests. The program will have two required courses (6 credits), which will provide an interdisciplinary perspective on oncology in a form that is accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. Masters students and PhD students who do not hold a Masters degree must also take 12 credits of elective courses. The elective courses can provide intensive training in one or more subjects specific to the student's thesis research, and also give the student an opportunity to gain expertise in other disciplines that have potential for synergy with his/her primary specialization. The elective courses may include core graduate courses of the student's home department, thus integrating the academic expectations of the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program with the graduate program of the home department. The elective courses must be approved by the Supervisory Committee, which will include representation from the home department. Electives would be courses at the 500 level or above; however, up to 6 credits of electives at the 300 or 400 level would be permissible. Please note that students who already hold a Masters degree while not required to take electives in addition to the core courses, are encouraged to do so in order to adequately prepare for the interdisciplinary nature of the comprehensive exam. 

Required courses - click here

Elective courses - click here

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