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Elective courses

ONCO 548 (3+) Optional


This course is designed to meet the needs of students to gain hands-on experience by rotations through specialty laboratories and by shadowing clinicians. 


The supervisor and supervisory committee create a rotation plan worth up to 3 credits for the student.   Ideally this plan should provide a balanced experience of both population and laboratory science appropriate to the thesis project.  A rationale can then be submitted to the Director of IOP for approval on the rotation plan.


There are no formal examinations for ONCO548.  A grade is assigned based on a written report submitted by the student at the end of the rotation which will be evaluated by the student’s supervisory committee.  The committee will assess the level of understanding of the theories addressed in the rotation and how well the student has achieved the above learning objectives.


The following is a list of examples of potential elective courses for students in the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program. These courses are chosen for their particular relevance to oncology, however, electives may be chosen outside of this list. Please note that this list is not updated on a regular basis and some courses may not be offered each year. (Please consult the UBC course calendar for course descriptions). 

BIOC 303 (6) Molecular Biochemistry
BIOC 503 (2) Molecular Biochemistry
BIOC 511 (3) Biochemical Aspects of Cellular Regulation
BIOL 300 (3) Biometrics
BIOL 334 (3) Basic Genetics
BIOL 335 (3) Molecular Genetics
BIOL 350 (6) Cell Physiology
BIOL 441 (3) Animal Cell Biology
BIOL 508 (6) Genetics Seminar
BIOL 530 (3) The Biology of the Cell

BMEG 591E (3) Genome Informatics
HCEP 506 (3) The Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
HCEP 525 (3) Cancer Epidemiology
HUNU 407 (6) Nutrition and Disease
HUNU 503 (3) Current Issues in Nutrition and Metabolism
HUNU 505 (3) Current Issues in Nutrition and Disease
HUNU 507 (3) Current Issues in Nutrition over the Life Span
MEDG 419 (3) Human Cytogenetics
MEDG 420 (3) Human Biochemical and Molecular Genetics
MEDG 421 (3) Genetics and Cell Biology of Cancer
MEDG 505 (3) Genome Analysis
MEDG 520 (3) Advanced Human Molecular Genetics
MEDG 521 (3) Molecular and Cell Biology of Cancer
MEDG 525 (3) Medical Population Genetics
MEDG 530 (3) Human Genetics
MEDG 535 (3) Genetics and Ethics
MEDI 501 (3) Molecular and Cellular Biology of Experimental Medicine
MEDI 590 (3) Molecular Regulation of Cell Growth and differentiation
MICB 402 (3) Advanced Immunology
MICB 502 (3) Advanced Immunogenetics
PHAR 448 (4) Environmental and Cellular Toxicology
PHAR 480 (6) Drugs: Chemistry, Pharmacology and Therapeutics IV
PHAR 502 (4) Advanced concepts in Pharmacokinetics
PHIL 433 (3) Bio®Medical Ethics
PHYS 305 (3) Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS 404 (3) Physics of Medical Imaging
PHYS 405 (3) Radiation Biophysics
PHYS 437 (3) Physics of Biocellular Structure and Machinery
PHYS 534 (3) Radiotherapy Physics I
PHYS 535 (3) Radiotherapy Physics II
PHYS 543 (3) Biomedical Optics
PSYC 314 (3) Health Psychology
PSYC 535 (3) Psychopathology of the Adult
PSYC 536 (3) Psychopathology of the Child
PSYC 539 (3/6) Health Psychology
PSYC 560 (3) Clinical Research Design
ZOOL 505 (6) Cell Biology Seminar



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