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Transfer requirements (From Masters to doctoral programs)

After 12 months but not after more than 24 months, MSc students may transfer to the Doctoral program (fast-track) provided they have completed the following course requirements:


  • 12 credits of B+average

  • minimum 9 credits at the 500 level

  • minimum 9 credits of first class standing

  • clear evidence of research ability or potential


A student may try to transfer only after approval of their supervisory committee to do so. The supervisory committee should discuss this at a supervisory committee meeting and indicate their recommendation on the committee meeting form. The comprehensive exam is used as a “qualifying” exam for students wishing to transfer to the PhD program (see IOP Comprehensive Exam guidelines). 

After completion of the comprehensive exam, either within the PhD program or as a qualifying exam for transfer from MSc to PhD, the following form for Advancement to PhD Candidacy must be submitted.

Please submit this form to IOP Program Coordinator


If a student transfers from a Master's program to a Doctoral program without completing the Master's degree, the commencement of the Doctoral program will be considered to be the date of first registration in the Master's program.

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