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Required courses

ONCO 502 (3) Concepts in Oncology.

This is a 3-credit (one-term) lecture course taught by IOP faculty emphasizing the biology and epidemiology of cancer, and theories behind prevention, diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer. A major goal of the course is to integrate knowledge and research activities in the biology of cancer with all disciplines in oncology. For example, questions posed could include: How does one determine if a population has an increased incidence of a specific cancer due to genetic versus environmental versus lifestyle influences? How does genetic instability contribute to cancer initiation and progression? What are the advantages/difficulties of using gene therapy approaches to treat cancer? What drives the evolution of a cancer cell clone? How do cancer/host interactions limit and promote tumor expansion? What are the ethical issues involved in gathering genetic information for cancer control? Students will be evaluated by term essays and final examination essays. In order to be registered for this course you need to contact the Course Director, Stephen Yip



ONCO 510 (3) Seminars in Oncology.

Every IOP Student is required to take ONCO510.  This is a Pass/Fail course. Credit for this course will only be given at the end of the student's program of study.  In order to complete the requirements of this course they need to do the following:


1.   Students are required to present a seminar on their research (one 30 minute seminar per year) and to attend weekly seminars given by students and post doctoral fellows engaged in various aspects of cancer research. The exception is, first year students are not required to present.  Students are required to maintain continuous registration in ONCO 510 throughout their Masters or PhD.  IOP Faculty will offer constructive written and oral feedback on the seminar immediately after the presentation.  A sample form has been created for this purpose:


IOP Seminar Feedback Form


2.    Attendance of the seminar is required throughout your time as an IOP student.  Seminar topics will be part of your oral or comprehensive exam.  Make it a habit to attend all seminars and sign the attendance sheet at the seminar.  You will be required to show your attendance by using an iClicker.  If you plan to miss a seminar, please let the IOP program coordinator know your reason by emailing the day before.


3.    Within the first 2 years of registration in ONCO510, you must have demonstrated your ability to ask thoughtful questions at seminars.  Once you have asked a question at a seminar, email the IOP program coordinator the question you asked, the date of the talk, who the speaker was, and what the answer to the question was. A minimum of 5 questions over 2 years are required, and questions should be continued to be asked after the first 2 years. 


4. As an additional opportunity to hone your presentation skills, you may request that your seminar be videotaped for your own personal review.

Depending on the graduate program, students must enroll and maintain continuous registration in either of the following: 

ONCO 549 MSc thesis - 12 credits (continuous registration required)

ONCO 649 PhD thesis - 0 credits (continuous registration required) 



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