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For MSc and PhD students to travel to undertake the most advanced possible research in their field, or to travel to translate or learn how to translate oncology research findings. 

Normally $2000-$10,000 (not including matching funds), and can be applied for and held at any time of the year, for a duration up to six months (larger awards may be considered if justified)  Awarded one time only. 

Normally the student and supervisor must also provide a 1:1 funding match

Support will be provided for travel, short term housing and potentially research costs where applicable. (ask for more details on allowable and non-allowable expenses) 

Proposals may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Specialty technical and educational courses

  • Four to six months research in another Investigator’s lab

  • Volunteer or Co-op experience with clinical units, public health organizations, non-government organizations, etc.

  • Training in a non-academic (industry, regulatory, government) research lab 

  • Travel to translate research findings


IOP encourages proposals that will enhance and broaden student training, including training that will enable the pursuit of non-academic science-related careers after graduate studies are complete

The award should not cause a delay in graduation date and should potentially accelerate completion

Application will include:

  1. A description (4000 characters max.) of the training opportunity and research. This must emphasize how the training will extend beyond what the student could achieve with the resources already available to IOP students.  

  2. The student’s current graduate transcript

  3. The student’s CV

  4. A signed letter from the graduate supervisor indicating:

  5. Level of performance of the student in his/her project

  6. Commitment to the project

  7. Reason why the proposed travel research cannot be done in the supervisor’s lab

  8. A budget summary in tabular format including sources and amounts of matching funds

  9. A detailed budget narrative (6000 characters including spaces) with estimated costs and description of matching funds

  10. Ask the program coordinator, Sharon Ruschkowski for more complete details if you are interested.


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